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Yosemite Falls

A gathering of photographer friends at CocoaConf

Story by Sam Grover May 4th, 2015

I attended CocoaConf at Yosemite and had a wonderful time there. One afternoon a few of us went for a walk in the vicinity of lower Yosemite Falls. Duncan led the walk, and along the path introduced us to new and interesting ways of thinking about, and practicing photography. Here are some photos from that walk.

20150421-L1003504-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003701-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003536-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003559-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003513-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003540-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003580-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003709-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003608-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003627-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003676-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003620-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003614-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003652-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003658-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003690-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003788-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003737-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003763-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003775-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
pssst, David... the waterfall is BEHIND you!
20150421-L1003749-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003804-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003808-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003716-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
20150421-L1003755-35 mm-Exposure.jpg
Yosemite Falls, Yosemite Village, CA, United States